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About the Dealership
I brought my vehicle in to check for a "chirping" sound in the engine. The technician (Jo Jo) expeditiously attended to the vehicle and provided an excellent explanation of the sound and offered several courses of action - very knowledgeable and attentive. The service department would be a reason to purchase a vehicle from this dealer.

As always, the staff at Anderson is great. I greeted immediately upon pulling up to the service area. They ask about any problem or concerns. Their waiting area is very pleasant and comfortable. I actually really enjoy just sitting and relaxing for a short time. Once my service is complete everything done is explained very clearly. It always very quick and efficient.

We first purchased a certified 2010 Forrester from Anderson in June 2013. The car had a glitch that could not be fixed, although the Anderson service department did everything they could to make it right specifically Todd &Melody.

I already had done research on the cost of Subarus in the southeast states.Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. I chose toto Anderson because they were local and were currently running an ad that they would take 2K off the sticker of any new outback.. However after spending a total of 3 hours test driving the car, when I decided it was time to purchase, they were way off on what they wanted for the car. I already had a quote from a dealer in Alabama, and knew what I could get the car for. This dealership puts a lot of unnecessary add ons that they want you to pay for.

well to begin with my salesman Adam Corey was my salesman for the second time purchasing a brand new Suburu was the one and only ADAM COREY!, this time I had my Son Robert and my daughterinlaw Wilma with me for the experience of making my purchase and for them to meet Adam Corey, welll to say the least they were very impressed with Adam, as to his friendly and highly knowledge of the 2 cars I was interested in, also verywell respected gentleman in every way , Adam knew all the ins and outs of the 2 cars I was wanting to buy, also that day April 18th 2014 we had 3 inches of rain , with adam no problem, he put his raingear on and off we went to the lot, he explained all the features of the outback that i wanted , also he was NOT pushy at all, I just drew back on the outback because of the colors , so we went in the showroom and looked at the crosstrek, he again was very patient and knowledgeable and showed us all the features pros and cons also , WELL that was the last vehicle I thought I would purchase, but they took it out of the showroom and there I was behind the wheel, rode around the lot ,Adam asked me if I was comfortable driving it and I just looked at him and said thats it , that is my car my Son Robert and my Daughter inlaw said Mom we Love it too and we also Love how your salesman treated all of us in helping with this purchase, he called my insurance co. and hooked everthing up, and out the door we went , i highly recommend Adam Corey as the BEST salesman for the second time that i ever had experience with purchasing a car . Thank You again Adam, Sincerely carol petrillo

Dear Paul and Steven,

I bought my brand new 2014 Subaru Forester from Anderson Subaru. This has been a phenomenal experience from start to finish. I work for a local marketing company that specifically deals with the automotive industry. I see new cars day in and day out while visiting with some 50 dealerships in our area. The Forester caught my eye on the showroom floor for the first time. Then I started noticing them on the road as well. I previously owned a Honda for 10 years, so I gravitated to the Honda family. However, after reading reviews from customers and experts, I gave the Forester a shot on a test drive. I fell head over heals for the handling. I drive about 3,000 miles a month, most on the interstate, so handling and comfort were a top priority.

We have dealt with this location for over a year now. We bought a brand new 2012 Subaru Legacy, even though we had our eyes on another model. We knew exactly what we wanted when it came to a car, high safety standards, and family friendly. The sales association made us feel very at peace and comfortable with our decision. He didnt pressure us into anything and was happy that we wanted to explore all of our options before we committed. I think he knew that wed be back. He made our purchasing and financing a breeze. It was almost painless. We drove home at the end of the day with a great feeling. We have since returned to this location for our regular service/maintinance. There is another location that we canto which is closer to our home, but they just cannot compare to Anderson Subarus family friendly atmosphere. We have always been treated with respect, kindness, and a part of the family attitude weather we have scheduled service in advance or walked-in. We have never been turned away and they have always been very prompt at returning phone calls and addressing concerns. We love this location and will return as long as we own a Subaru for all of our needs. No one can compete with the hardworking and friendly staff at Anderson Subaru.

We are a military family and were in the market for a 2013 Subaru Outback. We live in Niceville which is about 65 miles east of Pensacola and Anderson Subaru. We first visited our local Subaru dealer (Lee Subaru in Ft Walton Beach) and were given a written offer on a 2013 Outback Limited that included the VIN #. Anderson Subaru advertises on television that they will "beat any other Subaru Dealers price within 150 miles". Since our dealer is within the advertised 150 mile radius I contacted Anderson Subaru and fully expected them to honor their pledge and I would purchase the car from them. I verified that they had the exact same model with all the same options. On June 4, I provided them with the written offer from Lee Subaru and I was told that they would not be able to beat the price and would not even match the price. I reminded him of the claim on their ad of beating prices within 150 miles. He acknowledged that they do make that claim on their television advertising. He said that the decision not to match or beat the written price was made by Mr. Anderson and there was nothing that could be done. I do not hold the salesman Steve responsible, but I do hold the ownership responsible. It is false advertising and absolutely dishonest. Anderson Subaru continues to run the same ad on television. Mr. Anderson had the opportunity to prove himself to be a businessman of his word and he failed. If you value integrity and honesty look elsewhere!

Myself and mySon came there to make a deal, to trade my Ford 2013 escape for a outback ltd w/moonroof and backup camera, we came on the lot and adam immediately introduced himself to us ,and we saw the car I wanted on the lot, the 2013 outback LTD. caramel bronze pearl , Adam was very knowledgable about the vehicle,also very much a respectable gentleman in every way, so we told him what our intentions were and he helped bring down the price as best as he could and went over every detail of the car and called my insurance company to cancel my ins. on the escape and trasfer it onto the outback, he hoked it up with a new plate and my ins. and we were good to go, I myself and my Son would highly reccomend Adam Corey as the best car sales rep Ive ever dealth with, also I am so happy with my new outback , I feel as good as I would as if I were in my house, Thank You Adam Corey Sincerely Carol Petrillo &my Son Charles Bonome

Okay so I have bought my fair share of new cars this being number 4. Let me say first that i drove 9 hours to come to this dealership. I first contacted them through the site and told them the best way to communicate was by text. And thats what I got it was perfect for my busy schedule. Paul was absolutely amazing he worked very hard for the deal I didnt have the best credit and upside down in my trade. He made the deal work. It was also the fastest I have been in and out of a dealership hour and a half including the test drive. 100% would drive the distance again best experience I have ever had. I love my Subaru and when its time for the next one Im getting it here.

Steven and Paul made the car buying experience hassle and stress free. As a woman going in alone to trade in and buy a car from someone, I know from experience how some sales people can see that as a great opportunity to take advantage of a situation. With Steven and Paul I felt respected and taken seriously. We easily came to an agreement with absolutely no pressure or stress.

This is the 2nd weve purchased from Steve & Anderson. Steves gotta be their best. Knowledgable, understand the customer and makes a great deal.

Genuine, honest, and easy to work with. I would recommend Anderson Subaru to anyone management was friendly they were good about my trade and good about the price of their car I dont believe Ill be by in cars anywhere except Anderson Subaru. And I couldnt be more grateful for house Jared handle himself very professional.

I was in need of a new car and had a list of cars for me and the wife to test drive. We visited Anderson Subaru first and was pleasantly greeted by Adam Corey. He was very knowledgable with his product and answered all our questions. Then he gave us a demonstration in the sand pit. That was the deciding factor. We cancelled all our appointments with the other dealers as we knew that The Subaru Legacy was the car for us. I would like to thank Adam for his thorough knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend Adam and Anderson Subaru. If you are in need of a new car, I would suggest making Anderson Subaru your 1st stop. It just might be you last.

Great car buying experience. Paul was very clear on financing the vehicle and I felt very comfortable working with him. When we showed up on the lot Adam made us feel at home. Answered all of our question, took us on a test drive and took the time to show my wife how to work all of the features on her new car to include programming both of our phones into the blue tooth. Adam has an extremely positive attitude. Anderson Subaru has an awesome team, I cannot recommend them enough.

Ive been looking for a car for several weeks and was very pleased with my experience at Anderson Subaru. Howard was very helpful, listened to what my priorities and concerns were and found a car that suited my needs and budget. All of the folks that I worked with were professional and great to work with.

Steven and Paul Simpson made my first new car buying experience an enjoyable one. My husband and I arrived at the dealership just before noon, and I am sure Steven had to work through lunch to help us out. If he was starving, he never let on; he never lost his friendly attitude. Although we were anxious about our big purchase, Stevens knowledge and friendliness helped put us at ease. Paul and Steven were not only very knowledgeable about their product, but they worked with our budget to find a financial option that would enable us to leave the lot with our new car. I am already in love with our Outback, and we are already hatching plans for my husband to get a Subaru of his own.

The dealership has a wonderful customer service staff and they are very helpful to be able to walk away owning a vehicle. Steven and Paul are really good with helping customers with their purchase. I would recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking for great customer service and quality cars.

Steven and Adam made the car buying experience fun and less stressful than previous car buying experiences. They also followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase and to offer any additional assistance. I would recommend them to everyone buying a new car!

Howard Willis is very pleasent and knowledgable, helping my wife discover the car that was perfect for her. By the time her search was over, she was in love with her future car. Howard also helped us get the best deal possible on our trade in. The whole staff was so nice, and I didnt feel pressured at anytime to buy if I wasnt ready. Very laid back atmosphere, really felt at home with this dealership. Highly recommended and the vehicles were well priced.

The salespersons were attentive, friendly, accommodating, and personable. The atmosphere at this dealership was relaxed, and this customer did not feel any pressure to buy the vehicle or complete the deal. The salespersons communicated with the customer in consumer friendly terminology, and made every effort to keep this customer informed regarding timelines, necessary documentation, etc. Follow up from the salestaff were friendly and expressed appreciation for the customers business.

Knowledgeable, good work, efficient, friendly, communicative and enthusiastic. The service department did exceptional work on my highly modified car and were very knowledgeable and offered me tips on making the car drive better. Randy did a good job of communicating with me while the car was being serviced and thoroughly explained the costs and service performed

It was a pleasure buying my new Subaru from Anderson. i would highly recommend yall to anyone i know who is looking for a car.

Was in need of a reliable and excellent used car and found that Anderson Subaru had what we were looking for...only the best!

I took my car in for two small issues, and I am rating this dealer/service a 5 because they were fast, efficient, and very friendly(Randy).
Mark Cooper

I called to get squeezed in for basic service before a road trip, and was able to find an appointment basically the only time it would work, which I knew was long shot. I explained my travel plans and the crew gladly looked over the entire vehicle and made the necessary tweaks with tires, etc. I wasnt sure if I would be charged for the extra attention, especially since I was a short notice customer, but I didnt which was a nice surprise.

Great service. Great people. Great products to choose from. I was refered by my mother and now we have purchased two pre ownwed vehicles there!!!

He was your stereotypical sleazy salesman. We got swindled. We got a very low value for our trade in (at least 1500 dollars too low, according to the cars value). He kept talking in numbers we DID NOT understand, even though we asked him to explain it many times. Bottom line, he talked fast and smooth, and went right over our heads. If wed have been smarter wed have walked out almost immediately. The car we got is a decent value, but our trade in was absolutely undervalued. Also, the car was sold to us "as is" which is fine because and he promised it was absolutely in excellent repair. We bought YESTERDAY. TODAY we see that the passenger window doesnt always respond to the button. Upon calling to see if there was anything they would do to help us, Adam said theyd give us 20 dollars off a price of 90$ (or more), if we come all the way back to Pensacola. As were in New Orleans, we declined. If wed been next door, wed have declined. I have zero faith in their business tactics at this point. Tomorrow I will be calling several auto repair shops around town to get the few necessary things we know we need done, in addition to an inspection. HOPEFULLY we dont find any more surprises. If I could return this car, I ABSOLUTELY WOULD, because the SERVICE WAS TERRIBLE.